Yes, there are so many ways to get your ideas out. Even if we just think about the digital platforms, we have instagram, facebook, youtube, twitch, medium, clubhouse, twitter, etc. And if you even further down the platforms, that also opens up so many ways of doing things. Ex. Instagram posts, stories, reels, IG tv.

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It has always been a challenge to pick, which then leads to frustration. I think the infinite possibilities is not entirely a boon.

So, what do we do? We zoom out. We get out of the mental battle and really define couple of things.

Yes, the very same zone which we try to cling on to is expandable leading to more things we can hold on to :p

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This point of view was triggered from Tim Ferris book. Here is the quote from the book:

… risks that expand our sphere of comfortable action are all examples of eustress- stress that is healthful and stimulus for growth.

Usually, we are reluctant to step out of a comfort zone and there could be many factors behind it. …

Sitting in a cinema watching an action thriller feels like distant past :p, but the kind of focus you have in there is insane. We don’t budge to check the phone, we don’t talk, we don’t leave or we can’t pause and scrollback. We are into the moment, barely thinking about anything else but the movie/storyline.

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This is the kind of focus I am talking about!

There are various factors which trigger and maintain the focus through out this experience. Such as…

  • The audio is at the peek and designed for your…

If I sit down and think about how I spend my days, there is an underline theme to it.

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1. Essential hours

The time where I do daily important activities like sleeping, eating, cleaning, home stuff, family time, coffee time etc.

2. Active hours

The times in which I work or create. It also includes thinking, ideating, etc. with purpose, not aimless.

3. Blank hours

These are the time slots which are not active or essential. These are spread across the day and hold way more potential than we think.

Blank hours are supposed to give me a break or just let me enjoy the beauty of life. But

We have already talked about the excitement burst and the highs we get. Now, I want to talk about how to capture its essence for our benefits, as I actually practice it.

Each experience in our life is a result of mixture of things we go through and are subjected to. The kind of spirit we get into due to it is also very special and unique.

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Such high spirited experiences often lead to a lot of amazing ideas in our head. These ideas are definitely worth documenting due to their origin.

E.g. I was watching a video done by…

In my last article, we started the topic of the “mindscape”. Defining and exploring the scope of it. Ultimately figuring out if we can re-create a certain Mindscape for some purpose.

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When I sat down to write the following article/s, I realised that the topic is too interesting and intense to just write down mini articles on.

I usually write these articles in a freestyle format, where I take a topic and then write about it in a sprint.

But for the Mindscape I will need more research and more deeper thoughts to express the scope of it.

As a result I decided to keep building it and present it to you only when it’s grown well :)

Chapter 1: Introduction (The mindscape)

This is the first time I am talking about it. The word itself is not much used, and it actually doesn’t exist.

What do I mean by a Mindscape?
A mind space which we are constantly in, intentionally or unintentionally. It’s like a landscape but of our mind. (The definition might need some re-iterations along the way :p)

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What derives the Mindscape?
Our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) are the primary triggers which result in a certain Mindscape.
Yes, a certain sense can potentially overpower a mindscape. Ex. …

I have worked in corporate as well as worked on my own. The clear learning on productivity and getting things done is this…

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In corporate, the goals are defined well along with the timeline. We always talked in the language of “calendar weeks”. Ex. this project needs to be delivered in calendar week 15. And then there were defined actions through out the weeks on each day leading to that. So, whenever I looked at my coming week, I pretty much knew what all I am supposed to get done. …

We swipe and scroll a lot. All day-night long.

This is an experiment I thought about trying and sharing with you as well. The goal is to be mindful, to see (not only look), and to determine if it’s valuable.

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How does it work?
The idea is to look at each post ex. a picture on Instagram for 3 seconds before scrolling and swiping. Once the time is up, you can go ahead to the next one and repeat. You can also follow 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi or similar methods to count 3 seconds :p

What happens due…

While I was going through the analytics of my YouTube channel, this idea just hit me! Last 365 days!

We have had a discussion already on the similar topic at the beginning of this year! Where we explored why 365 days are too many to retrospect about or to plan ahead (especially at the end of the year!).

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We often retrospect or introspect about our lives at the end of an year. With this fast changing world, I feel that’s not justifiable.

Our lives are changing extremely fast and the traditional rhythms of life are practically blurring. …

Project Thought

Projecting thoughts worth projecting by Suyog aka The fun Indian guy :p

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