How to avoid entering the YouTube rabbit hole? #failed

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2 min readMar 18, 2021


Here is a fun time saver activity I tried to do.

I spend a lot of time watching video on Youtube. There are days when I just sit for hours and hours consuming videos. I am not saying the value I get out of it is not good. I do watch value additional videos most of the time but what I struggle with is conversion. Conversion of the value added to implementation or execution.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

One day, I was watching YouTube videos on TV and I realised this is the best thing to do. The watching experience is way cooler and there are very few distractions in terms of getting carried away by other videos. Yes, there are suggestions but not bombarded as on phone or pc.

So, what if I just switch to watching YouTube videos only on TV and nowhere else? I tried it. It worked pretty well.

Here are some benefits:
1. Your focus is much sharper on the video, due to no multitasking ability on TV
2. You physically sit in front of the TV for the activity, so you do have sense of time and place, which makes it more intentional
3. Somehow you can’t watch tonnes of video back to back in such settings
4. Not using YT on phone or pc made the work more productive with a little less distractions than before

It was all good and nice but I couldn’t keep it up for too long. At the end I fell for the rabbit hole on PC due to nature of my work as I have to watch videos for work too :p. But the days I spent intentionally following the activity were really nice. May be you can give it a try and may be you can do it for longer than me if not forever :)



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