I am craving to write more!

I am well aware of this feeling. The feeling I have got many a times at the beginning of any creative projects. Making videos, making podcast, making posts and even writing articles. I want to do it more right now! Eventually it tends to get less exciting and eager. But right now, as I have began this new project and as I urge to make more; I will write more.

This medium of reflection has a really low barrier to entry from my creative and logistic perspective. I don’t have to setup a shoot and go from pre-production to post-production followed by the even exhausting marketing/social media shouts for people to see what I created!

I simply have to give my thoughts some structure, start typing and done! I like the ease it has and the kind of outlet it’s giving me write now. It’s like I am screaming with joy from my couch as I type this! Love it!

Photo by Quang Anh Ha Nguyen from Pexels

Projecting thoughts worth projecting by Suyog aka The fun Indian guy :p