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2 min readMay 25, 2021


Sitting in a cinema watching an action thriller feels like distant past :p, but the kind of focus you have in there is insane. We don’t budge to check the phone, we don’t talk, we don’t leave or we can’t pause and scrollback. We are into the moment, barely thinking about anything else but the movie/storyline.

Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

This is the kind of focus I am talking about!

There are various factors which trigger and maintain the focus through out this experience. Such as…

  • There is nothing else visible but the screen
  • The audio is at the peek and designed for your attention
  • You can’t just pause and go back, so you tend to focus on everything
  • The social interactions are next to nothing as everyone around you is into the movie
  • Phone is left behind in the pocket, again with the insecurity of missing out
  • You have paid for this experience and you have already assigned your next couple of hours to this
  • And then there is amazing storytelling which keeps you floating in the movie world

Because of such factors, we are just extremely focused.

So, I was wondering if we can potentially direct/orchestrate/design our daily activities on these many different levels to make sure we get the best experience out of it? A thing worth thinking about.

Yes, this exploration is part of the “Mindscape”!



Project Thought

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