The bursting excitement of possibilities!

Project Thought
Feb 15, 2021

I am a dreamer.

But I do wish to and try to execute. Every now and then I go through some sort of an experience while watching a movie, a video, listening to a podcast, seeing a picture, visiting some place or people; of getting these amazing exciting thoughts in my head filled with ideas.

Ideas to make real, to try, to execute. This is a good feeling indeed. But more than the ideas I really value the “excitement bit”. This is the same excitement I have been cherishing since my childhood.

Photo by Free Creative Stuff from Pexels

The excitement of possibilities, that there could be so many things which we can make. Of course doing is more important than just imagining but I think this bursting excitement of possibilities is the fuel!

The fuel to keep the creative work going and making life worth pursuing.

Cheers to these bursts!



Project Thought

Projecting thoughts worth projecting by Suyog aka The fun Indian guy :p