Last 365 days method!

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1 min readApr 10, 2021

While I was going through the analytics of my YouTube channel, this idea just hit me! Last 365 days!

We have had a discussion already on the similar topic at the beginning of this year! Where we explored why 365 days are too many to retrospect about or to plan ahead (especially at the end of the year!).

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We often retrospect or introspect about our lives at the end of an year. With this fast changing world, I feel that’s not justifiable.

Our lives are changing extremely fast and the traditional rhythms of life are practically blurring. That means every years, month or even a week is extremely different.

So, instead of retrospecting towards the end of the year, we can simply look at our life for last 365 days or last 28 days!

I think this shift in mindset will help us immensely. Because that makes everyday important to make impactful decisions and choices instead of just first few fresh days of the new year!



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